Alright, people! Calm down and take your seats because all the hype around this exclusive and mysterious Xbox/Windows 10 event was for nothing. According to Phil Spencer, there are no huge announcements from the event. If there were any big announcements then they would do it with the fans. So all the hype for the past few days, all the excitement was for nothing. Well played, Microsoft.

xbox one event

One excited fan asked Phil Spencer about when the embargo would lift from the event news to which Spencer replied the following.

Of course, people would think you had “huge” announcements when you hide it from everyone but looks like the event’s main purpose was to invite the press and have them play some of the amazing games that are launching in Spring 2016 which includes the highly anticipated Quantum Break as well.

Let’s wait and see what other not-so-huge announcements were made at the event when the embargo lifts.


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