The time bending, movie-based platforming puzzler (my mouth hurts!), Replay – VHS is not dead, is finally coming to the Xbox One. The game has been available on PC for quite some time now and it’s unique in terms of gameplay.

Replay - VHS is not dead

You get to experience the most challenging and ming-tingling puzzles in this game. There are movie inspired levels where you control multiple characters. You get to perform actions with one character and mix them up with another character’s actions by using the time rewinding technology. This creates a lot of fun possibilities where you need to come up with tricks to solve puzzles and complete levels.

Replay – VHS is not dead Coming Next Week

Replay – VHS is not dead combines the excitement of platformers and packs a challenge of puzzle games. If you are looking for a unique game with a one of a kind gameplay style then this is the game you should be picking up next week. You will be able to download Replay – VHS is not dead next week from the Xbox One store.

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