This is a fairly common error code that many Xbox One Owners run into because of a failed update or some other reason. Most people think that error e200 means that the Xbox One is bricked and send it back for a replacement/repair.


However, you don’t have to send your Xbox One back or sell it because this error can be easily fixed by applying a simple offline update via USB flash drive. If you have tried everything to solve this problem then try the method below. Hopefully, it will work for you.

Here’s how to fix error e200 on Xbox One

  1. Head over to and download the FactoryReset file. You can also click here to download.
  2. Unzip the file (using Winzip/WinRar, etc) and copy all the contents of the file to your USB flash drive.
  3. Turn your Xbox One Off. Unplug the power cord to make sure that it’s entirely off.
  4. Plug the power cord back into your Xbox One and insert the USB flash drive into the console.
  5. Hold the Bind button (The button that’s used to connect the controller) and the Eject button, while holding both of these buttons press the power button.
  6. Keep holding both Bind and Eject buttons until you hear 2 power-up tones.
  7. You can release the buttons after you hear the second power-up tone.
  8. Once the update completes, your console will restart and you can use your Xbox One again, both offline and online.
  9. If this method doesn’t work for you then let us know. We will help you out and get your Xbox One back running in no time.

About Dilawar Hussain

Dilawer is a tech fanatic and a hardcore Xbox fan. He moved onto the Xbox One after giving up his beloved Xbox 360. He's loving the Xbox One so far and enjoying every moment of it. If he's not writing Xbox related stuff on Xboxed then you will find him on Xbox Live scoring some screamers in Fifa.
  • Jessica Kish

    Mine isn’t making the second power up tone so this isn’t working 🙁

    • Dilawer

      Give it another try. Follow the steps carefully. It should work. Otherwise, send in your Xbox to Microsoft support.

  • WesternHammer

    The offline update does not fix the problem

    It downloads off the USB – the Xbox restarts, begins to apply the update but at 50% the process stops and it returns to original error

    • Dilawer

      That’s weird. Try it again and if the same happens then send in your Xbox One for repair.

      • WesternHammer

        Factory Reset fixed it
        Got all game content back from cloud

        • Dilawer

          Wow, that’s great. Keep on gaming, friend! 🙂

  • guucassh

    when i pressed the bind and eject buttoms no second beep. i already did it to another xbox but this xbox takes a long time to even get to the green screen . then when i get to the green screen it loads and loads and loads. help please !!!

    • Dilawer

      Try doing it all over again. Make sure that the file you download is complete.

  • thank you!


    • Dilawar Hussain

      You’re welcome.

    • Dilawer

      You are welcome, friend.

  • John bagel

    It is not working for me and I have reinstalled the update on the flash drive multiple times….it goes through the update and then it goes back to the error code screen

  • Alec Fairbanks

    Please help I tried this. So I got to the point where it was downlaoding the new update, and I thought I was home free, but halfway thru applying the update it restarted and put me back to the something went wrong screen. Please help I tried this many times. On the 3rd try I made the xbox go 480p even though it is plugged into a hdmi cord.

    • Dilawer

      Download the file again. Do all the steps all over again carefully. It should work. If it does not then you might have to take your Xbox back to Microsoft.

  • Michael Hess

    I just reset my Xbox one and it brought me to a error code scree. E200 but I’m scared if u factory reset all my saves and digital games will be deleted what should I do?

    • Dilawer

      I’m pretty sure your save files and data should not be deleted. However, do check again on Microsoft’s website.

      • Michael Hess

        Thanks for the help my Xbox works again yay

        • Dilawer

          You are welcome, friend! 🙂

  • Sydnei

    Can I save things to cloud if I am currently dealing with the error code E200 before factory resetting?

    • Your save files and data should be fine.

  • Rodney Bradford

    I get to step 7 and nothing happens past that point please help.

    • Download the file again and try it one more time.

  • Justin Wolf

    I’ve tried this a couple times to no avail. Upon starting the system via Step 5, I only get one power chime and then the screen flashes to E101 00000503 80070003 instead of the normal E200 it gets upon normal boot.

    • E101 is a different error.

      • Justin Wolf

        I know. I get the E200 error upon a normal boot of my Xbox. When I attempt to boot from the USB to restore to factory settings, it throws the E101 error. I’m currently in the process of sending my Xbox in to Microsoft for repair, ’cause I’m assuming my hard drive is just busted.

        • It could be a drive failure. Maybe, sending it in is the best course of action.

  • dougo13

    Nope. Tried all afternoon now. I can’t feel the hard drive accessing data, just spins. That’s indicative of a drive failure. Had a power outage last night but only my Xbox One (which wasn’t on at the time) was affected. The PS4 and 360 are fine. Since it’s now out of warranty, it’s likely I’ll just wait and trade it in for a discount on the Slim that comes out next month.

    • Looks like yor hard drive gave out. Still try it oce again to make sure.

      • dougo13

        Ended up just biting the bullet and forced a factory reset. Lost a lot of stuff and now it doesn’t recognize the program’s downloaded to my external drive though it does recognize my account. Perhaps the writing is on the wall for this unit, so I’ll be looking to trade it in next month for a discount on a slim. Thanks for your help though…

        • That’s sad. I really would’ve loved to have your Xbox up and running but there’s only a little I could do. You might have to send it in to get it fixed.

          • dougo13

            Ah, it’s okay. I found that it does recognize the external drive but I lost a bunch of stuff that (luckily) can be downloaded again. If I had played the games though all progress would have been lost unless they were saved to the cloud. Thanks for the help though…

          • No worries. I hope you sort it out soon and get back to gaming on Xbox.

          • Jason Johnson

            What things did lose? Example: accounts, games, achievements, etc.

  • _iiRemixx

    None worked, ill tell you the whole story… I was getting on my xbox (As Normal) and i seen Halo 5: Guardians was free for a trailed period, so i downloaded it. After it was finished i went to games/apps and started it. I got through 3 campaign missions then my xbox froze, it kicked me to the dashboard i stopped the game and my Xbox froze, went to a black screen (Power button still white) and i unplugged the Xbox One, I turned it back on and it said… Troubleshoot: Reset this Xbox, Turn off this Xbox, And Offline System Update. I clicked the Reset This xbox then factory reset it… It worked for exactly 2 Minutes 33 Seconds and it froze and crashed. i also did this factory reset And the OSUDT updates. 1-3.. Still nothing. Its been over a week this has been a huge problem.. Also when i start up the xbox. It says Preparing console from 32-66 and stops. THEN goes to the Crash report screen..

  • Pat

    I do not get the second power up sound when I hold the bind and eject buttons. No matter how long I hold them for the “offline system update” option is greyed on the troubleshoot menu.

  • Until Cryptic

    I’ve tried so many times I’ve lost count. I have tryed the USB offline update method and I gets to 90% and then comes up E101. I’m considering Factory Resetting as a last resort but I might have to get it repaired.

  • Jason Johnson

    I was preparing for a storm and unplugged the xbox. After the storm I went to turn it on and it took about 7 minutes until a screen popped giving me the options to restart, reset, or update. Will this method refresh my Xbox and accounts?

  • Jason Johnson

    So I just refreshed everything and it worked. I got everything back and it’s back to normal.

  • Giant Wilburson

    so i lose all my save data all my information and everything that i want to keep ?? is there a way to keep the save games cause fuck me i dont want to restart the halo laso achievment

  • Kirkland Sears

    I’ve rest my console over 10 times. today I got a new update and it crashed of course. I erased everything and then the update worked. I change my xbox name and hit restart now, all of a sudden it does the same thing over and over. sometimes it worked in the past allowing me to get pat the screen when I restart it a couple of times… but this time it did not. Last time I want to have this problem… the offline diagnostic tool doesn’t even work anymore. no matter how many times I reset it I get an E200 code. wether its on a start, update, or restart, IT DOESNT WORK

  • Kirkland Sears

    I factory reset the console…… Does the exact same thing after everything loads. if I turn the console off, I know that ill have to do all of this over again…. any help?????