The rare Xbox One Elite controller disappeared from retail stores as soon as it launched. The demand for the Elite controller is through the roof. The whole stock sold out within a few days. From that time on, the Xbox One Elite controller has become a rare commodity. So many gamers want this convertible controller because it’s the perfect controller for all the pro gamers out there.

Xbox One Elite Controller Back in Stock

The Xbox One Elite controller is now back in stock at GameStop and Best Buy. Even Amazon is offering back order for the controller and it will be available for shipping on January 28th. The elite controller is till out of stock on Microsoft store.

Xbox One Elite Controller

If you don’t already know then you should keep in mind that this controller is selling like hot cakes. If you don’t act right now then the stock will go out within a few days. So if you really want one then now is your chance because according to Microsoft, the elite controller will have “limited supply” throughout March 2016.

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