Rejoice Xbox One preview members because today an all new update is rolling out to preview members. This update is supposed to bring a lot of new features and functions to your consoles.

Xbox One update

If you haven’t already received the update then you can try to update your Xbox One manually. Just go to Settings > System > Console info & updates and select Update Console. This should start the update process on your Xbox One.

However, don’t expect to see all the features on your console just yet. Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb a.k.a Major Nelson just tweeted that this update does not include all the announced features. So you will have to wait for another update to enjoy all the features that are announced.


Below are all the features that Microsoft announced to be included in the next Xbox One update. It also includes some features for the Xbox App on Microsoft Windows 10.

Brand new experiences:

  • Xbox News: Both Xbox Beta app and the Xbox One Preview audiences will start to see Xbox News posts in their activity feed starting this month. Xbox News is your one-stop source for all things Xbox – the latest information about new hardware, console updates, game releases, tournaments like the Halo World Championships series, breaking entertainment content, and more! Stay up to date with Xbox through Xbox News.
  • Compact mode for Xbox App: Coming in February to all Xbox App users is the ability to enjoy a compact version of the full Xbox App. Since late last year, participants in the Xbox Beta app have been able to preview this feature which enables you to click a button in the upper left hand side of the Xbox Beta app to shrink the app to ‘compact mode’ – a lightweight view of the full Xbox App which allows you to do other things on your PC while still having quick access to top features like friends, parties, messages and notifications. While you’re in compact mode, you’ll continue to be able to view real-time friends list presence and activity updates. No need to hit refresh to see updates: when your friends engage in activities like sharing a game clip or start following a game, the interface will dynamically highlight these activities for you. Multi-tasking made easier on your Windows 10 PC!
  • Updating Activity Feed in Xbox One: Your activity feed in Xbox One Preview will dynamically refresh to inform you of the number of new items in your feed. Clicking the link will take you to the top of your feed where you’ll see a run-down of the newest posts, so that you always have the freshest content at your fingertips.
  • Sports in OneGuide: A dedicated Sports area is coming to OneGuide! Sports is consistently one of the most watched type of programming on Xbox One. Consistent with our goal with OneGuide of enabling you to spend less time searching and more time watching, we’ve created a single destination for you to browse Sports video content. Dive into live sports events and programming from both apps and your cable or set-top box provider in the Watch Now and Trending on Live TV sections. View the latest sports clips and highlights from our partners through App Channels.
  • Avatar Store: New year, new you! Equip your avatar with the latest avatar items in the newly-integratedAvatar Store. On the console, the Store is built right into the Xbox Avatars section and on Windows 10 PCs and phones, access the Store through the Xbox Avatars app. Get your ‘lifestyle’ and ‘gamestyle’ shopping on with access to the entire catalog of new (e.g. Forza Motorsports 6 items) and oldie-but-goodie items, including FREE items. As you’re perusing catalogs, enjoy the ability to preview the items on your avatar real-time before you buy.

Based on your feedback:

  • See who’s in the party: Back by popular demand and already in the Xbox App but now joining Xbox One, Preview participants can now see who’s in a party before joining. When you view the profile of a friend who is in a party in the Guide, you will now be able to see who else they’re partying it up with. Like who you see? Use the convenientJoin party button which appears immediately below to jump in.
  • Gamerscore Leaderboard: In Xbox One Preview, navigate to the Achievements section of your profile to check out where you stand relative to your friends in the revived Gamerscore Leaderboard section. Gloat or moan over total gamerscore, as well as biggest gains in gamerscore over a rolling 30-day period.
  • Joinable Twitch Broadcasts: You want it to be easier to watch your friend’s game broadcasts. We’re delivering. In Preview game hubs, alongside the spotlight tile showing whether your friends are playing a game multiplayer, you’ll see a tile enabling you to easily launch their broadcast if they are broadcasting.
  • Re-arrange Pins on Home and access them offline: Close to 3000 fans have told us that you want Pins on your Xbox One Home to be easier to organize. In Preview today, you can rearrange individual pins, using (A) to confirm a move and (B) to cancel it. While we were delivering this, we also made pins accessible for launching from offline, as long as you are signed in.
  • Hide games from ‘ready-to-install’ list: Another 1000 fans asked that we re-enable the ability to hide content like betas, trials, games, and apps that they no longer want to install. Today, Xbox One Preview members can start using this feature again.

They have been very busy – other improvements you may notice:

  • Improvements to Trending: Across Xbox One Preview and Xbox Beta app experiences this month for console and Windows 10 PC and phones, you’ll notice a new access point for Trending items. It is on the right side of the Community tab on your console and in the left menu area of the Xbox App. Click through and you will arrive at a dedicated Trending landing page, with the most popular topics across Xbox Live surfaced at the top followed by an inspirational assortment of top videos, screenshots, achievements, and more that members across the community have created or unlocked. Consider friending or following publishers of content that you like.
  • Improvements to Suggested Friends: Looking for people you might know on Xbox or top content creators to follow? Check out the new Friend Suggestions area in Community and the Friends list in the Guide on the Xbox One console.  Friend Suggestions include the gamertag, real name (if shared), gamerpic or Xbox Avatar image, and the reason the suggestion was made to you.  Click through from the suggestion to view their full profile and choose to follow to grow your friends list.Across both Xbox One Preview and the Xbox Beta app, January brings the injection of both Trending topics and friends suggestions into your activity feed. If you click ‘see all’ or double tap on the shortlist of friend suggestions in any scenario, you will be pointed to a full-screen view of all suggested friends.
  • User interface updates to align the Xbox App with the New Xbox One Experience: We’ve made changes to the friends list, game hubs, and profiles within the Xbox App to provide more consistency across your gaming experience on Windows 10 devices and console.


  • Live TV
    With the console in Instant-On mode, after resuming from connected standby you may encounter a black screen when attempting to launch Live TV (this is more common when using a USB tuner). If you do encounter this issue, please immediately submit feedback from the console by holding down the Xbox button on the controller and selecting Report a problem from the power menu.Workaround:

    • Temporarily disable Instant-On mode and enable Energy-Saving mode (you will not encounter this with the console in Energy-Saving mode).
    • Hard reset the console.

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