Xbox DVR feature on the Xbox One is an amazing tool if you are the type of guy or girl who likes to share their gameplay moments with friends or the world. The downside to the Xbox DVR is the fact that you can not record longer than 5 minutes of gameplay. So that kind of limits your options and you have to cram your whole amazing gameplay moment into a 5-minute long video.

It doesn’t make any sense because we should, at least, have the option to record longer gameplay videos but sadly, at the moment it doesn’t allow longer videos.

Many gamers who record their gameplays are using capture cards to record their gameplay videos in high definition quality and also to bypass the 5-minute restriction of the Xbox DVR. Well, if you just want to record longer gameplay videos without much focus on the quality of the video then we have a simple tutorial for you.

You can record as lengthy gameplay videos as you want on your Xbox One by using Twitch, follow the tutorial below.

1. First of all, you need to attach your Xbox One to your Twitch account. (If you already have Twitch set-up with your Xbox One then skip to step 5)

2. Open the Twitch app on your Xbox One and select “Login“.

3. Now you will see a 6-digit code on the screen. Take note of it.


4. Go to and enter the 6-digit code to attach your Xbox One to your Twitch account.

archive broadcasts

5. On Twitch website, go to Settings > Channel & Videos and check “Automatically archive my broadcasts” option.


6. Head on to your Xbox One, fire up any game you want to record and start broadcasting it on Twitch. Snap the Twitch app during your gameplay and hit “Broadcast

7. When you’re done, just select “Stop Broadcast“.


8. Go back to your Twitch account on the website and your recording should be available under “Past Broadcasts“.

9. You can also directly export the videos to YouTube. Just click the Export option below the video, enter the details, and the video will be added to your YouTube account/channel. You need to first connect your YouTube account to Twitch in Settings > Connections.

The quality of the videos will not be as good as a dedicated capture card but it’s just decent enough to share your gameplay with your friends. It’s not intended for a professional use whatsoever unless you want to piss off your loyal fans.

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Dilawer is a tech fanatic and a hardcore Xbox fan. He moved onto the Xbox One after giving up his beloved Xbox 360. He's loving the Xbox One so far and enjoying every moment of it. If he's not writing Xbox related stuff on Xboxed then you will find him on Xbox Live scoring some screamers in Fifa.
  • Mary Soto

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