Lovely Planet

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          Replay Value


            The Good

            • Cute level design.
            • Fast paced gameplay.
            • Simple controls.
            • Awesome background music.
            • Replay value.

            The Bad

            • No aiming crosshair.
            • Difficulty spikes.
            • Repetitive levels.
            • No Online leaderboards.

            First person shooter games are really popular nowadays. Every month we see a bunch of new FPS games coming out with intense graphics and violent gameplay. Shooting, killing, and explosions are the norm in these games. However, This is where Lovely Planet sets itself apart from the rest of the FPS genre. This game is all about having fun while completing levels without any gore at all.


            The main objective of Lovely Planet is to complete each level as quickly as possible while killing all the enemies without missing a single shot. This is what earns you complete 3 stars for each level. However, you can still not complete a certain objective and still complete the whole level. You will not earn the star connected with the objective you didn’t complete but the level will be completed. Also, don’t go around shooting friendly blocks. If you kill them, it’s a failure as well. You have to reach a tube at the end to complete the level. The faster you do it, the better.


            Killing all enemies earns you one star, having a 100% shot accuracy at the end of the level earns you another star, and completing the level within a pre-determined time will earn you the third star. You have to be fast, accurate, and ruthless. Sounds like the next Call of Duty but believe me, it’s anything but Call of duty or Battlefield.

            The game is all about fun and speed but just after 10 or so first levels, it gets really complex. Specially, when the apples start falling. Normally, all you have to do is shoot enemies that are sitting ducks but the apples are something different. They don’t kill you directly but if you don’t shoot an apple in the air and if it lands on the ground then it’s considered a level failure. So, the game will restart. It sounds easy but when there are 3 apples falling at the same time, it gets very difficult and all the kiddy fun flies out of the window. Lovely Planet keeps pushing the difficulty to make it more challenging which is a great thing for gamers looking for a decent challenge.


            The frustrating thing about Lovely Planet is the lack of an aiming crosshair. The lack of a crosshair makes it almost impossible to aim your shots perfectly so you have to rely on your instinct and most of the times, just shoot blindly which defeats the purpose of having 100% accuracy. The difficulty spikes can be considered another downside to the overall gameplay. A gradual increase in difficulty would be better as you advance but sudden extreme levels followed by easier ones is just a bit weird.

            Lovely Planet on Xbox One

            All in all, Lovely Planet is a fun filled game and a light-hearted first person shooter to keep you engaged. There’s no real story in the game so all you have to do is have fun while running around shooting blocks with your magic wand gun. It gets boring after a little while but it can be a good stress reliever after you’ve had enough of competitive gaming.

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