The weirdly cute and notoriously funny FPS game, Lovely Planet is finally launching on the Xbox One. If you are not already familiar with this unique FPS game then you should know that it’s not another Call of Duty or Battlefield rip-off instead Lovely Planet is something entirely different and unique. You don’t see such gameplay in your average FPS games at all.
Lovely Planet

The game is all about speed and jumps. There’s no extra violence but you still have to shoot people to advance in this game. There are five different abstract worlds filled with various enemies and you have to shoot your way through all five of them.

Lovely Planet on Xbox One

Lovely Planet launched on PC back in July 2015. This game quickly garnered a lot of positive reviews from gamers and various gaming publications for the PC variant. Now we are waiting for the Xbox One launch to see how the game fares on a console.

Lovely Planet is now available for pre-order on the Xbox store. The developers have offered a 15% discount for the pre-order period and once the pre-order period is over, the game will be available for $9.99.

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