The highly exciting and fun action heist game, Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine is making its way onto the Xbox One via Backward compatibility. If you don’t know what Monaco is then you will be fairly surprised once you give it a try.

Pocketwatch Games recently tweeted that the game is coming to the Xbox One via backward compatibility. There are no words on the actual date when the game will be added to the backward compatible games list but we’re certain that it will be sooner rather than later.


It’s the perfect heist game that you can either play alone in the single player mode, however, if you bring along 3 more friends for a co-op action then you will most certainly put Danny Ocean and co. to shame. Monaco delivers the most unique and enjoyable co-op gameplay experience you will ever find in a game. Attractive visuals and charming soundtrack put this action indie game on top of many gaming lists when it was released.

Monaco; The perfect heist

If you missed this game on your Xbox 360 then now is your chance to redeem yourself and give it a try. You will definitely love the gameplay. Make sure to have a few of your friends together to get the most of this notoriously fun heist game.

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