This is the perfect feature for you to getting in contact with the person you recently played with on Xbox Live. On the Xbox 360, all you had to do was change the tab in the friends list and you will find all the Gamertags of people you recently played with. On Xbox One, this is even simple but there are still many people out there who don’t know how to send a message to someone you have recently played a game with on Xbox One.

If the person is not in your friends list then chances are you won’t remember their Gamertag at the end of the game which means you can’t send them a message directly by using their Gamertag. However, you can find their Gamertag in your history and send them messages directly from there.

I personally use this while playing Fifa 16. I send messages to people who act all cocky during the game but lose at the end and when they lose, I send┬ácondescending messages to them. (Don’t judge me!)

Here’s how you can send messages to people you recently played on Xbox One


1. Scroll left on the Xbox One Home and go to the “Friends” tab.


2. Tap on “Friends” and select “Recent Players


3. Now, you will see a list of all the people you have played with in the past.


4. Select the Gamertag of the person you want to message and send them a message. Simple.

Watch the video below to see this tutorial in action.

Go ahead and start sending condescending messages to all the people you have played with because it really pisses them off. Especially, when they’ve lost. This is just a joke, don’t go around sending messages like that to people you play with because that’s poor sportsmanship. It’s still fun though.

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Dilawer is a tech fanatic and a hardcore Xbox fan. He moved onto the Xbox One after giving up his beloved Xbox 360. He's loving the Xbox One so far and enjoying every moment of it. If he's not writing Xbox related stuff on Xboxed then you will find him on Xbox Live scoring some screamers in Fifa.
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  • Bob

    i was playing ark and i found somone cool. before i got their gt, i got kicked of the server. what do i do

    • It would be really difficult to find that specific person on a server full of different people.