Passkey is a good way to secure your Xbox Live account on your Xbox One. If you have multiple users using the same Xbox One console then you need to secure your account with a passkey. If you enable pass-key then no one can sign-in to your Xbox Live account, make purchases, or change settings without your pass-key.

If you want to child lock certain apps, games, or settings then you can also do that by using a passkey. Your kids will not be able to change any settings, access any restricted apps/games, or purchase anything off of Xbox Live without your authorization.

When you sign-in to someone else’s Xbox One with your Xbox Live account then it will ask you for your pass-key. You can just leave your account on their Xbox One for the next time you visit because they will not be able to use it without having access to your personal key.

Follow the steps below to create a passkey on Xbox One

goto settings

1. Go to Settings by scrolling to the left on the Xbox One Home and scroll down to find All Settings.


2. In the Account section, select Sign-in, security, & passkey option.


3. Now tap Create Passkey. Enter your secret pass-key here. Make sure to use a complex combination.


4. Once you have created a pass-key. Go to Change my sign-in & security preferences.


5. Now select Ask for my passkey option. Everytime you sign-in, make a purchase, or change a setting, you will be prompted for your pass-key.

Watch the video below for all the steps.

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