It has been nearly a month since the latest update for Xbox One brought in the most anticipated feature of all time, backward compatibility. If you haven’t already enjoyed this amazing feature on your Xbox One then you are missing out on one of the best features on your console. You can play your favorite Xbox 360 games right on your Xbox One.



Before you go around trying to play your whole Xbox 360 game library on your Xbox One, you should keep in mind that the Xbox One only supports a limited list of Xbox 360 games right now. The list keeps growing with each passing day, week, and month. Check out the Backward Compatible Games list to see if your favorite game is supported or not. If yes, then you can start playing it on your Xbox One by following the steps below.

If you already own the game that you want to play via backward compatibility then you just skip to step 2.

1. Download an Xbox 360 Game that supports Backward Compatibility

If you don’t already own a backward compatible Xbox 360 game then don’t worry because there are plenty to choose from. You can either download the free Games with Gold via or you can download a free game like Hexic HD.

Download Xbox 360 game

For this tutorial lets download Hexic HD via Just click the “Buy Game” button and follow the instructions to get this game.

2. Go to “My Games & Apps” on Xbox One

go to my games n apps

This step is pretty self explanatory. Just turn on your Xbox One and head over to the “My Games & Apps” tab on your console.


Go to the “Games” tab and scroll to the far right. You will see a new tab named “Ready to Install“. Hexic HD should be available in this list. Just highlight it and install it.

Once installed on your Xbox One. It will be available in your games list and you can launch it as if it were an Xbox One title. All the backward compatible games run smoothly and sometimes even better than they run on an Xbox 360. You have to try it to know it.

If you already own a physical disc of a backward compatible game then just insert the disc into your Xbox One and it will automatically take you to the Xbox store where you can download the game to your console. You need to have the game disc inside the console when you wish to play the game.

If you run into any problems while following this method then comment below and let us know. We will gladly help you out in figuring things out.

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