Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, explains that Microsoft will not keep any outside developers from using its cloud-technology, Azure. Even developers for exclusive games for other platforms like Sony PlayStation 4, Nintendo Wii U, etc can also use the cloud-based technology for their games.


An Xbox fan asked Spencer to lock down the upcoming Titanfall 2 game as a platform exclusive because he didn’t want to lose out on the cloud-based technology. In response, Spencer assured him that the Azure technology is available for anyone that wants to use it in their game be it exclusives or multiplatform games.

Xbox One Cloud tech and Titanfall 2!

Phil Spencer didn’t talk much about the upcoming Titanfall 2 game and any arrangments that may be in place for the game.

We’re still not sure if the upcoming Titanfall 2 game, which is a multiplatform title, utilizes the cloud-based technology at all. The first Titanfall game was an Xbox exclusive and it used the Azure technology to unlock some extra things for the in-game AI which in turn left quite some resources for the graphics and processing.

It remains to be seen if the sequel also utilizes the same technology or takes an entirely different approach altogether.

[via Dualshockers]

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